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Kidz Tennis is a fun format designed specifically for children under the age of 10, where both the children AND their parents / guardians are exposed to the necessary basic fundamentals of tennis and the important value sets and etiquettes of sports generally!


It's about being exposed to the basics of tennis and having fun. Children learn a lifelong sport in a socially interactive, safe and happy environment using appropriately sized equipment and court dimensions. Whilst learning new skills and interacting with other kids in a familiar, manageable environment, they also build  confidence and learn to appreciate their own worth.


Kidz Tennis finally addresses one of the most intimidating areas for children learning tennis; playing on an adult-sized court with adult-sized equipment, as well as using the same complicated scoring system. This intimidating combination often causes children to lose interest without ever really playing and experiencing the game, not to mention actually learning the skills necessary to succeed.


Kidz Tennis is designed to facilitate appropriate social interaction for children encouraging  fun, co operation and being pro active from their very first swing of the tennis racket.


Equipment is appropriately scaled down so that the game becomes tailored to their age and size.


The Program

Our programs develop sportsmanship, social skills and motor skills. They provide an enjoyable, interactive and challenging platform that will benefit children of all ages. We are also initiating a generic MBPKidz tennis  rating in line with the adult ITN rating. The modules will include an assessment/workshop component with each skill level denoted by WHITE , YELLOW or BLUE colours to designate skill levels.


Progress will be measured using our Kidz Tennis Rating to move through the levels – competency tests will be carried out quarterly when program gains full momentum.  The Assessments will include: Accuracy - hitting to target areas, balance and stroke production, movement/coordination skills and a "good sports" component. The later focuses on attitude, demeanour, personal interaction, self awareness and the like.


Overall, our Kidz Tennis programs are designed to develop the social aspects of tennis, promote early understanding of fundamentals, encourage early success and manageable competitive skills and the desire to learn and participate in a lifetime sport.


Module Details

suitable for children between 3 to 10 yrs of age.

Number of Participants: Minimum of 4 Maximum of 8

Number of Sessions:  *ongoing (Sundays 5pm) - we recommend packages of 10 sessions.                 *(intro or ad-hoc sessions available)

Session Time: 45 min to 1 hour

Packages are valid for a 4 months from purchase date.

See program schedule for scheduled timings and NOTE we will continue to add more timings for these sessions as demand requires.


Give us a call on +65 6336 2701 or drop us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.




September 15-17th 2017

Join us for "On Site Tennis Interactions

Directly Above F1 Grand Prix Races

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