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Head Coach - Chris Mullins & Resident Coach & Pro-Player - "Nick"

Head Coach - Chris Mullins (Australian)

Chris has over 20 years of coaching experience which is complemented by 10 years of representative tennis and an impressive track record in project/site management. He is currently one of the most experienced and sought after tennis coach/site managers in the  Asia Pacific.


Chris holds Advanced Tennis Coaches Australia (Level 2) and Professional Tennis Registry  (PTR Professional) qualifications.He compliments his tennis qualifications with other sports specific coaching and personal training qualifications gained over twenty years. Having amassed over 20  years of valuable formal & practical Project Management Experience, Chris clearly has developed a unique, easy to understand the method of teaching.


As CEO of Mind Body And Passion and Head Tennis Coach of MBPSPORTS, Chris leads by example ensuring all his team is keeping ahead of the game both on and off the court. His approach is simple and consistent: continually reinforce and encourage proven fundamentals that ensure improvement; clearly, understand your strengths & areas to improve and nurture a team approach.


Chris has a strong reputation for improving mechanics and refining the mental aspects of players.


Resident Coach - Player - NGE HUANG "Nick"

  • 16+ years experience as a player and 8+ years as a coach,
  • Plays Davis Cup for Myanmar and is current #1 Ranked Player (May 2015)
  • Held the #1 Men's ranking in both singles and doubles in Myanmar
  • Excellent credentials include extensive match play and preferred hitter for elite tournament players.
  • Nick's energy and love for tennis is infectious and much is gained from on court sessions with him.
  • Sessions with Nick are rewarding and memorable -- Not everyone gets to play with a #1 ranked player!
  • Nick has developed into a world class sparring coach and compliments MBPSPORTS desire to exceed expectations.
  • Qualified to conduct on-site International Rating Sessions linked to International Tennis Federation.
  • Qualified to conduct "PUMP Tennis" - a fitness based tennis fitness program designed to refine the important base tennis fundamentals.
  • Holds International Certifications of ITF Level 1& GTPCA Level1



China Interactions - Roderick Wu (former business development manager in Singapore)

Roderick commenced full-time work as a business development manager for MBPSPORTS in Singapore in December 2008 after completing a "Masters in Business".

His credentials were ideal to join our team and included a passion for tennis and more than 3 years experience in JUSS Events - the largest Sports Event Management company in China.

During Roderick's time in Singapore, he quickly developed into a key person for our company and with a shared passion for developing interaction and education through sports. He developed very positive and ongoing links between MBPSPORTS and the Shanghai Masters Event via his previous position with JUSS Events.

Roderick returned to China in March 2010 and has excelled in his business opportunities via consolidation of software games on the internet - his move back to Shanghai ensures MBPSPORTS links with China remain strong and supportive of our targeted expansions. Although now back in his beloved China, Roderick is and always will be considered an important part of the MBPSPORTS family and be welcomed into any China-related business ventures in any capacity he is comfortable.



China Interactions - Kevin Yao (partner to introduce MBPSPORTS TES into China)

Kevin is a highly motivated and qualified businessman who was a client with MBPSPORTS in Singapore during his frequent visits surrounding South East Asian businesses in his capacity as a COO for a number of International Companies.

In his chosen sport of racing scaled F1 Racing boats, he achieved the highest accolades possible by breaking the WORLD RECORD an amazing 3 times (still holding 2 world records to this day).

Kevin's sporting achievement was quite unique as he not only raced his boats BUT also DESIGNED and BUILD them - truly his is a person of extraordinary focus and that will achieve the best he possibly can!

As a student, Kevin was very easy to guide AND improved very rapidly following the MBPSPORTS TES system.

His rapid tennis improvement and understanding of how to keep improving in a very short time led to him offer his excellent marketing and business skills to help refine the TES and stand beside MBPSPORTS founder Chris Mullins to introduce our market leading system into China.

Kevin is currently based back in Shanghai and rapidly growing his PoshLiving brand into China markets.

Kevin is committed and is an integral partner to assist MBPSPORTS desire to assist the Chinese Sports Education Base.



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